Now in 3D: Caviar Manicure kits by Ciaté

Just when you think nail art can’t get any crazier, nail polish brand Ciaté have revealed an amazing new upcoming collection, Caviar Manicure kits by Ciaté.

The manicure consists of tiny caviar-like pearls applied to the nail over a Ciaté Paint Pot colour, to give an amazing three dimensional effect. Although I wonder how easy it is to recreate the look at home compared to the amazing campaign photos.

Brittania – Limited edition in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee. Exclusively at Selfridges

  1. SamBarbaraDor said:

    These look amazing, very edgy. If you try it at home post some pics! These photos have definitely been touched up so I imagine it’s messy and difficult to do alone! 🙂

    • Very editorial! I feel like you almost need to do the lips as well although that would make it very hard to eat. Haha.

  2. I love this trend so much! They’re actually really easy to do, although they only last two days :/ But so gorgeous while they last!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I worry that it will catch on silk tops. Did you have any problems?
      Boo. x

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