I love how easy it is to make your own DIY envelope bags, in fact I am in the middle of making very own! I think it’s always a good idea to have a mood board for any project you start so here is one of my many.

I especially love the wavy edge, plastic bag in the bottom right hand corner ❤

After much thought, I decided to change the theme of my blog because I didn’t like how the social media buttons were at the bottom of the page. Also, I get inspired by being in a new environment so I hope to become more proactive with this new look!

So the other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs apairandspare and I came across a paper bag DIY project. I’ve always loved the idea of up-cycling objects for a new purpose so naturally I began think about turning this everyday object into a desirable collectors item.

I found this photo of Miroslava Duma in Louis Vuitton Spring 2006 jacket (yes it is a little out dated)  and I absolutely fell in love with the geometrical color blocking. So I started to sketch some ideas of how this could be translated into a paper bag. Here are some of my sketches.

I hope you like them!

Today I felt extremely inspired to make something and I was really excited when I found some dry bamboo sticks in the garden. I ran through various options of what I could make out of these sticks and in the end I decided to revamp my old lamp that was looking a little sad. Here’s how I made mine…

1) Sand the bamboo sticks down to clean and smooth the surface.

2) Cut into smaller pieces varying in length.

3) Apply hot glue on the surface of the lamp and hold down the bamboo piece in place until it is fixed.

4) Repeat Step 3 until the entire lamp shade is covered and voila!


Illustrator John Woo’s playful ‘He Wears It’ series embraces the forces of fashion, putting the Star Wars cast in contemporary brands. 

“My wife and I were talking about how some of our friends look like Star Wars characters,” he says. This led to a reflection on the stability of the outfits of the characters in the movies: “Darth Vader always wears black.” Woo says he imagined a world where the characters got out of their ruts. “It should be a dressing revolution for Star Wars; Darth Vader has to take off his old-fashioned calculator, Jar Jar Binks has to take off his bell-bottom pants.”

The illustration series pairs characters with Woo’s favorite brands, carefully selected to match the look and personality of the different characters. He says the hardest to design for was Jar Jar: “I had to totally change his image and still had to match his face and body.” If you are more of a Star Wars nerd than a fashion nerd, it’s a mini-education to look up each of the brands that Woo picked.

You can see more He Wears It prints (including some non-Star-Wars characters) on Woo’s Etsy store.

Article by Tim Maly from Co.Design

Christina Hamilton’s MA show from the London College of Fashion shows a real sense of functionality and style. By adopting the traditional craftsmanship of saddle making Christina has transformed the ordinary bicycle pannier to a true fashion artefact. Check out her other chic cycle creations here.