The rumors are true. Swedish high street giants H&M have confirmed their next collaboration will be with Maison Martin Margiela.

Following their most recent collaboration with Marni, which was more conceptual than their previous collabs with brands such as Versace and Lanvin, H&M seem to be taking a step further into the avant-garde territory by teaming up with cult-favorite Margiela. Established by publicity-shy Belgian designer Martin Margiela in 1989, the house is famed for its cleft-toe boots, deconstructed tailoring and surrealist approach to classic fashion.

The new collection will hit 230 stores wordwide and H&M’s website on November 15 and will be the “work of a group rather than one designer” after the label’s founder left in 2009 and was never replaced.

With the release of this news, some people on Twitter and Facebook have pointed out, “doing a mass collab seems antithetical to everything Margiela is about and would take away from its special-ness and its in-the-know niche status.”

What are your thoughts?